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Templates for Ministeck

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A piece of information in advance: We have different templates with different qualities. This is simply due to the age of the templates. Some of our templates are almost 20 years old.

Plant flowers


for Kids





  • miniplug

    A hobby that has been moving its followers for over 60 years.
    With new pictures, big and small ministick artists are made to stick.
    The Ministeck strips consist of individual Ministeck stones of different sizes. There are also Ministeck ones stones.

    You can also see the article on Wikipedia for the history of Ministeck.

  • dar-mosaic

    We distribute the pictures of <<dar-mosaic>> Europe-wide. The group of artists consists of three very successful artists who create their designs not only for Ministeck.

  • pixel hobby

    We have been selling Ministeck and Pixelhobby for over 15 years. Many of the templates in Ministeck can also be found in Pixelhobby. Please note. Pixelhobby templates CANNOT be converted into ministick templates.